Detention is a band of youngsters who kick the jams of rock legends. They’ve been featured in the Akron Beacon Journal, and as a premier act at PorchRokr, Rubber Ducks pre-games, Jilly’s, (and wherever else their Dads can run a PA). The general consensus is that Detention sounds roughly 2-3 times their collective age.

Like other rock heroes, Detention’s origin is the stuff of legend.

One Saturday in 2016, a Fairlawn Music School detention summoned 4 mighty winds.

From the North, an 11 year old drummer Luke, who goes Thermo-Luke-ular™ on his drums, and enjoys potatoes.

From the South, a green-haired riot girl Elliott, who digs punk rock, and puppies.

From the East, guitarist Evan "The Oven" Cox, who sounds like an 11-year old rock hurricane.

The Western wind summoned Fritz, AKA IronFritz, who hammers his bass and vocals with the gentle hand of Mighty Zeus.

Take heed, NE Ohio, wherever this band plugs in, Detention will surely be served!