L to R: Fritz Dannemiller (bass), Luke Konopka (drums), Elliott Carter (vocals), and Evan Cox (guitar)

L to R: Fritz Dannemiller (bass), Luke Konopka (drums), Elliott Carter (vocals), and Evan Cox (guitar)

Excerpt from The Devil Strip article:
Local rockers Detention prove the kids are all right”
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Many kids dream of becoming rock stars and playing the same legendary venues as their music idols. 

For local students Fritz Dannemiller, Evan Cox, Elliott Carter and Luke Konopka — whose ages range from 12 to 16 — those fantasies are quickly becoming realities as their band, Detention, prepares to pack up for a special one-night-only show at the world-famous Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood on Sept. 20.

The four-piece rock band will perform on the same legendary stage that launched the careers of a slew of famous rockers, including The Doors, The Stooges, Motley Crue and The Germs. 

Detention has evolved from a group of kids taking lessons at Fairlawn School of Music and performing covers like U2’s “Vertigo” and The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter” to writing and polishing their own original tunes.

“We’ve grown up so much,” Detention’s lead singer Elliot says. “I’m excited for people to see us. I’m just excited to play.”

The band’s sound comes from the members’ storied lineage of famous musicians, along with their fusion of influences, which range from Chris Cornell, Dave Grohl and Green Day to Billie Eilish and Ani DiFranco. 

“It’s a huge collage of a lot of things because we’re all influenced by different styles,” bass guitarist Fritz says. “We all grew up listening to a lot of music and get a lot of inspiration that way.”

Elliot’s grandfather is Harvey Gold (Tin Huey, Half Cleveland), and her father played in The Twistoffs, touring with Blink-182 and Goldfinger. Fritz’s great-grandfather penned The University of Akron’s fight song and his father toured with the Ramones.

The musicians have taken lessons from prolific local players and instructors, including Jeff Klemm (Maid Myriad, Jeff Klemm & The Letters, Diamond Kites) and Matt DeRubertis (The Admirables, Bluelight, Wesley Bright & The Honeytones), and attended a school of rock camp where they had one week to write an original song together. Luke says it was the first time a full band attended the camp together.

While their lessons, along with the feedback and direction from the adult musicians in their lives, have informed how they play, the members of Detention work hard to be taken seriously as skilled writers and performers in their own right.

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Pictured left to right: Fritz Dannemiller (bass), Evan “The Oven” Cox (guitars), Elliott Carter (vocals), and Luke Konopka (drums)

Pictured left to right: Fritz Dannemiller (bass), Evan “The Oven” Cox (guitars), Elliott Carter (vocals), and Luke Konopka (drums)


Detention is a band of youngsters who kick the jams of rock legends. They’ve been featured in the Akron Beacon Journal, and as a premier act at PorchRokr, Rubber Ducks pre-games, Jilly’s, (and wherever else their Dads can run a PA). The general consensus is that Detention sounds roughly 2-3 times their collective age.

Like other rock heroes, Detention’s origin is the stuff of legend.

One Saturday in 2016, a Fairlawn Music School detention summoned 4 mighty winds.

From the North, an 11 year old drummer Luke, who goes Thermo-Luke-ular™ on his drums, and enjoys potatoes.

From the South, a green-haired riot girl Elliott, who digs punk rock, and puppies.

From the East, guitarist Evan "The Oven" Cox, who sounds like an 11-year old rock hurricane.

The Western wind summoned Fritz, AKA IronFritz, who hammers his bass and vocals with the gentle hand of Mighty Zeus.

Take heed, NE Ohio, wherever this band plugs in, Detention will surely be served!